Using the electroneum-cli?

Is it taking forever to sync?

I’ve uploaded Electroneum’s blockchain (data.mdb) to google drive. If you download this and then sync the rest you should be synchronised with the blockchain within a matter of hours than a matter of days depending on your internet connection.

Updated every week!


To Import:

  1.  Download the file from google drive.
  2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\electroneum\lmdb or its equivalent on your system (platform specific instructions coming later). Create it if it does not exist.
  3. Delete the lock.mdb & data.mdb files if they are there.
  4. Copy the data.mdb file you downloaded from google drive into the directory.
  5. Run the daemon and allow it to synchronise the rest!

Currently the position of the blockchain in the newest data.mdb is 162,000


What is this? Electronum and most cryptocurrencies use a blockchain to synchronise transactions. Before you can use an offline wallet like the electroneum-cli, you must sync this blockchain which is multiple gigabytes big. It is quicker to download the bulk of the blockchain from one high-speed source like google drive and then sync the last bit yourself than to synchronise the whole blockchain from scratch on your end. For me it took 3 days to synchronise the whole blockchain in order to upload it, and i synchronised another PC using this file in 6 hours.

What is the difference between a .RAW blockchain backup and your .MDB blockchain backup? Honestly I’m not even sure why the .raw format is still there. I did a lot of research to make sure that I uploaded the necessary files and from what I can understand the .mdb file use to be platform specific (linux, windows & mac files were different) and thus could not be switched out for eachother’s files. However this changed with Monero’s client v.0.10, in which now the data.mdb file is platform agnostic,¬† just like a blockchain.raw file. Electroneum uses atleast the v0.11 fork of Monero and carries this fix too, I have tested it myself. The other advantage of data.mdb is it does not require as much processing on your end. (The ‘import-blockchain’ script does not need to be run). The file can just be dropped into the directory as described in the instructions and you will be good to go.

How can I trust that your blockchain file has not been maliciously tampered with? I’m afraid with a file as large as this (12+GBs) it is impossible to scan it for viruses and AVs would not likely detect any changes anyway. There’s nothing more I can say than have a look at my post history on reddit and on here and decide for yourself if the source is trustworthy. If you decide you cannot at the moment, fear not since the ETN team has its own blockchain you can download and use to synchronise quicker. However best advised that it is a .raw file and thus will have a longer, slightly more complex setup and that it is only synchronised to 85,000 blocks (half of my unofficial file). It’s still better than nothing, download it here from their official site.