Electroneum Ez CPU GPU Pool Miner Version 0.2.0


Developing this final version was a headache since when i built the first version i didn’t intend to update it. In any case this time for sure this will be the final version with any new features. It is getting too convoluted to keep adding stuff.

Thank you for /r/electroneum and all of your amazing support & feedback, this is an application truly crafted by the community. Let me know on reddit or in the comments here if you want to see a Linux port. If not then my work on the miner is now finished aside from bugfixes. If you do then I can port a version over to Ubuntu Linux and its derivatives.

This is a super easy to use electroneum miner front end that is better than the official beginner miner in that it allows you to mine from a variety of different pools and custom pools, as well as allowing for more configurations. Not only this but since it’s built specifically for ease of use and for mining electroneum it’s probably your best bet for mining etn overall.

It is also better than a command-line only miner or pre-configured miner in that it has automatic error correction, directly reports pool fees and payouts within the miner window, and does not force you to use a specific miner or pool. It also lets you run multiple miners at nce and gives you info on the wallet address being used, the pool being mined on for each individual miner.

To use it, just start ‘Electroneum Easy CPU or GPU Miner.exe’ from your zip folder, extract it all, enter your address and start mining!


  • *NEW* Run multiple miners at once and manage them from just one window!
  • *NEW* Save and load different configurations for different gpus or pools. no need to re-enter info!
  • *NEW* OPTIONAL Automatic updating notifications, so you don’t need to keep checking for new updates here.
  • *NEW* Add your own custom pools to the drop down list so you don’t have to re-enter them every time.
  • Supports 5 miners out of the box with no configuration necessary.
  • Allows more config than the beginner miner.
  • Tells you a pool’s minimum payout and fees within the miner.
  • Notifies you of any errors in your config and tries to correct them.
  • Auto-tune feature that automatically tunes and fixes your configuration.
  • Saves your last configuration as .bat and .config files if you want to launch the miners directly.
  • Let’s you pick a custom pool.
  • Has a built in helpdesk if you are having trouble.
  • Easily check your earned ETN at the click of a button.


Electroneum Ez CPU & GPU Miner Version 0.2.0

Source Code at GitHub

Changelog from 0.1.0/0.1.1:

  1. Optimisations across the board.
  2. Bugfixes across the board.
  3. Added ability to pick hyperthreaded or non-hyperthreaded CPU. (Thanks /u/noremac13)
  4. Increased performance using xmr-stak-nvidia and added a high performance option. (Thanks /u/noremac13)
  5. Added multi-mining support. (Thanks /u/I_Got_Pennies & /u/RobustEnigma)
  6. Added ability to save and load custom configurations. (Thanks /u/reddituser123 /u/noremac13)
  7. Made all non xmr-stak miners the default.
  8. Wallet field no longer prefilled with address (Thanks /u/noremac13 & /u/reddituser123)
  9. Added ability to add your own pools to the drop down list through the use of a custom_url.conf file. (Thanks /u/sourbread13)
  10. Added donate button.

Unfortunately due to time constraints as well as the complexity there is no built in wallet functionality.

If you would like to disable auto updating simply open updaterperm.txt and change the y to an n.

I think that for newcomers and experienced miners alike, this is the definitive go-to solution for Windows mining.

Virustotal link:


Often, virus scanners flag mining software as malicious since attackers often install this software on other users’ computers without them knowing. The anti-virus companies are correctly protecting you from this, but you are choosing to mine Electroneum, which is perfectly safe. Electroneum’s site also says this. My exe also has no flags.


If you’d like to donate and make sure that I can continue making free tools you can either mine for me using the miner (using the prefilled url in the current miner v0.2.0) or send crypto to the following addresses:





Electroneum Ez Miner 0.2.0

Electroneum Ez Miner 0.2.0

Electroneum Ez Miner 0.2.0

Electroneum Ez Miner 0.2.0

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  1. Sweet! Cant wait to try this. Thanks!

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