Hello everyone!
More updates, more bugfixes and more features.

For the newcomers:

This is a super easy to use multi-coin miner front end that is better than individual miners in that it allows you to mine from a variety of different pools and custom pools, as well as allowing for more configurations.

It is also better than a command-line only miner or pre-configured miner in that it has automatic error correction, directly reports pool fees and payouts within the miner window, and does not force you to use a specific miner or pool.

To use it, just start ‘EzMiner.exe’ from your zip folder, extract it all, enter your address and start mining!

Also it has come to my attention that an EzMiner already exists, I’ll be changing the name soon.


Changelog from 1.1.0:

  • *Added default option to fetch prices server-side.
    *Added support for allium algo.
    *Added support for garlicoin mining.
    Fixed updater again
    *MOTD is now dynamic and downloaded from the website instead of static for each version
    *Increased number of widgets from 4 to 6
    *Selected coin is now indicated programmatically, coin icons have to only be drawn once at startup rather than each time when clicked.
    *Miner output now also indicates when GUI functions change.
    *Themed coins

More feature updates will follow soon!
Thank you.

Please report any issues you may have on github or on this google forms.

If you are a pool owner please apply to have your pool listed in the miner here.

Here is the changelog from 0.2.1 of the original EzMiner (But to be honest this one is basically built from the ground up and doesn’t share anything besides the name with 0.2.1) to this version.

  1. Brand new GUI
  2. Automatic scraping through ez_ticker for the value of cryptocurrencies (max 4 at the moment)
  3. Automatic hashrate reporting within the miner itself for ALL pools (does not use external APIs for hashrate)
  4. Live pool list that can be updated in realtime without updating the miner itself.
  5. Check ETN for nanopool within the miner (spacepool support coming soon)
  6. Check pool status before you begin mining. (WALLET ADDRESS REQUIRED FOR THIS)
  7. Automatic error reporting (if your miner fails to start it tells you exactly why and how to fix it)
  8. Supports multiple coins! This is something the original one couldn’t do.

I will talk about each point in more detail after the downloads and screenshots.


Download/View the source on GitHub

Download EzMiner 1.1.0 (the software) from Github

Virustotal Link: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3bf4d90d18ea11…

Virustotal link:

Often, virus scanners flag mining software as malicious since attackers often install this software on other users’ computers without them knowing. The anti-virus companies are correctly protecting you from this, but you are choosing to mine Electroneum, which is perfectly safe. Electroneum’s site also says this. My exe also has no flags.


If you’d like to donate and make sure that I can continue making free tools you can either mine for me using the miner (using the prefilled url in the current miner v1.1.0) or send crypto to the following addresses:





EzMiner 1.1.0 Screenshot

EzMiner 1.1.0 Screenshot

EzMiner 1.1.0 Screenshot

EzMiner 1.1.0 Screenshot

EzMiner 1.1.0 Screenshot

EzMiner 1.1.0 Screenshot