This is just a quick tutorial on how to stop your AntiVirus from blocking your crypto-miner, as well as why it blocks it as well as how to restore it if it has already been blocked or quarantined.

Why does this happen?

Cryptocurrency miners like electroneum, monero or bitcoin miners make use your your electricity and computing hardware to produce the currency, this both slows your system down and uses lots of power. Recently some malicious individuals and organisations have been secretly installing cryptominers onto user’s machines without their permission and using their hardware and power to mine coins that go to the creator of the malicious cryptominer. And just a few months ago there has been a script many websites have started using that use your web browser to mine on your device! This is why it’s incredibly important that your AntiVirus blocks any miner it detects as not many people mine and if a miner is detected 9 times out of 10 it’s not the users’.

How do I stop this?

Of course, if you’re choosing to mine crypto then this isn’t a problem, it’s perfectly safe! Your anti-virus does not know this of course, and will try to block your own miner anyway. To allow your miner it is different for every single anti-virus. I will focus on Windows Defender but it’s roughly the same for every single anti-virus. I WANT TO CLARIFY THAT YOU SHOULD ONLY USE OPEN SOURCE AND FREE MINERS, CLOSED SOURCE SOFTWARE COULD BE MALICIOUS AND YOU MAY UNWITTINGLY ALLOW IT INTO YOUR SYSTEM. MinerGate is a big nono! It steals your hashrate.

  1. Open your antivirus and navigate to the virus detection section.
  2. Step 1 to stop miner from being blocked
  3.  Navigate to the menu where you can add exclusions to your AV.
  4. step 2 and find the exclusions option
  5.  Add the folder your miner is in to the list of exclusions!
  6. step 3 add the folder to your exclusions

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions!